While few projects have all these characteristics, the more that are present, typically the higher the value delivered by our Quick ROI services.

1)High actual cost or large opportunity cost associated with the failure of project to deliver on time
2)Short term deadline 120 days or less
3)Basic requirements are defined but not well documented
4)Well led, motivated, and knowledgeable client business team
5)Project sponsorship from highest levels of client organization
6)High visibility of solution either internally or externally to the client company
7)Critical Path - Delivery of other projects rely on you meeting your deadline.
8)Software and hardware for system development is not available or difficult to obtain in a timely fashion

When these are the characteristics that best describe your situation, when time to deliver dramatically impacts the success of your projects, traditional methods are not necessarily the right fit. A more flexible, adaptable methodology, where mid-project adjustments are the norm rather than the exception should be adopted. That is the ADC Quick ROI approach.