Alliance Data Celebrates 10 Years of Service
January 5, 2003

HOUSTON, TX  January 5, 2003  Established in January 1993, Alliance Data Corporation is a pioneer in developing solution driven software for managing real-time business activities. Over the last ten years, Alliance Data Corporation has built its services to include Business Consulting, Technical Architecture Design, Application Integration and Application Development.  It has provided the mechanism to connect Americas banking institutions with each other as well as to the Federal Reserve and most recently launched a joint venture with Hewlett Packard, i4cast, to promote and market Total Cost Management solutions to the global 2000 market. Today, Alliance Data Corporation is a valued partner in application development for many Houston businesses Small, Medium and Large.

Part of ADC's success over the last 10 years can be attributed to its business model of attracting and building a permanent consulting team whose experience is measured not only in years in the industry but also by how long they have been working together as a team.  In today's high turn over environment ADC ability to attract and retain high initiative, solution driven consultants has broken away from the industry trends.  This combined with our attitude of "solve the business problem" has helped us build long, valuable relationships.  . "I consider the Alliance Data members of my team some of my most valuable and exceptional assets. No matter what we need or when we need it they always seem to find a way to come through for us. They help my team win each and everyday." said Ruby Goodwin of Hewlett Packard.

John Hawkins and Harry Jones founded Alliance Data to fill a gap in the regional application landscape. Alliance Data was started to "provide excellence in application development and consulting by understanding our customers business and partnering with them build technology around process improvements" said Mr. Hawkins.  The next five years include enhancing and growing the i4cast venture with Hewlett Packard as well as focusing on helping enterprise clients leverage the estimated $400 billion investment they have made in ERP systems in the past five years by developing technology to access that information and distribute it in both a timely and business friendly manner.

When asked about the future of Alliance Data Corporation, Mr. Jones declared, "We will continue to grow Alliance Data in Houston because of the commitment by the community to foster diversity, the vast amount of talent available to us and our commitment to continue to build and leverage the valuable relationships and knowledge we have created over the years." In the future, Alliance Data Corporation will continue to grow, adding more services, affiliating with more business partners and harvesting the local academic institutions for talented graduates.

About ADC

Alliance Data creates solutions driven software for managing real-time business activities that lead in performance, scalability, reliability and security combined with unparalleled support and business consulting to provide best of breed solutions for business critical functions. For more information, contact ADC by phone at 281.397.6046 or via e-mail at