Alliance Data's Business Intelligence solutions convert your organization's data into information; the information necessary to manage your business. In the dynamic and highly competitive world that makes up the modern marketplace, accurate and timely information is critical to effective management of business.

Substantial investments have been made in business solutions that are designed to capture data, but little is done to transform this data into meaningful business information. That's where ADC's Business Intelligence solutions come in. Using our proven methodology, and business analysis capabilities we deliver directly to the desktop metrics that are key to your unique business operations.

ADC's Business Intelligence solutions are designed to securely give access to the information that you need, when you need it. Our consultants work with your internal IT organization as needed to map out the best, most effective way to integrate our solutions into your business. Once this is done it effectively frees up IT resources from being in the middle of the information-delivery chain and allows those resources to focus on other business problems.