Opportunity Management: Rapid Low-cost Worldwide Solution


A large oil and gas services company, with traveling remote users dispersed around the globe, needed a way to share information and work together as a virtual team.


A mechanism to support remote users in different countries and different time zones which encouraged them to share ideas and promoted working together to identify strategic opportunities for the company needed to be developed. ADC needed to find a collaboration tool to connect these people wherever they happened to be located as well as provide a tool that allowed them to capture data during periods of time where no network connectivity was possible. The tool needed to allow offline data entry/viewing and then, once a network connection was established, synchronize data with the other users of the system. Other requirements included: discussion groups, task assignments, chat and email capabilities and quarterly reporting. Time to deploy was critical to the success of the project and the budget was limited. The solution also had to be simple to use.


ADC's rapid development team went to work researching dozens of collaboration tools and identified Groove Virtual Office to be the best fit. Within 6 weeks, ADC created a custom solution using Groove and tailored it to the client's needs. Within weeks, the product was finalized and delivered to users around the world.


Users in remote countries of the world are now able to work when there is little or no internet connectivity and are assured others will be able to see their work as soon as they come online. Users are interacting, sharing and contributing ideas about new business opportunities in an easy to use "Groove Workspace". Needless to say, the project was a huge success and led to additional ADC engagements using the same technology.