Employee Expense Management


Client with 100,000+ employees dispersed around the world require a centralized administrative system for their employees to manage their personal business expenses. The system needed to be massively scaleable, support multiple languages and currencies, and incorporate the unique financial rules associated with each individual country in which the employees operated. The primary vendor on the project had repeatedly failed to meet proof-of-concept targets related both to functionality and scalability. The timeline for world-wide deployment was growing shorter and an alternative solution was needed.


Rapidly deliver a web-based system supporting multiple languages and currencies, that was scaleable, configurable, and had the capacity to interface with multiple financial systems and the client's credit card vendor. The system development effort was to be conducted as a contingency plan for the primary effort using the packaged solution.


ADC consultants used its large system architecture, which had already proven to scale to the required level, to rapidly develop and deploy an application capable of meeting the needed requirements. Proof of concept in multiple languages (English, Spanish and Swedish) and currencies were conducted and preliminary stress testing was scheduled.


The phenomenal success of ADC's contingency project gave management the alternatives and bargaining position they needed to successfully reignite the primary vendor's interest in the success of its project.