Systems Down: Emergency System Support Services


Client operates a chain of retail shops in airports across America. Each store or group of stores in an airport is reliant on an isolated network of computers to support Point of Sale Activity (POS) and other daily business operations.


System crash in remote airport location caused a complete halt of all business at store locations in a major airport. No local support or system documentation was available to troubleshoot the problem. All attempts to address the situation remotely had failed. The client needed the system to be operational as quickly as possible.


ADC network specialists were dispatched to the location. They quickly assessed the business situation, software, network infrastructure, and hardware, then rapidly delivered a solution to bring the systems back on-line. This was followed by a written assessment and recommended practices to prevent future downtime.


Systems were back up and fully operational the same day. Procedures were established to assist remote troubleshooting in the future to minimize the severe cost of system downtime.