Managing Customer Training For Profit


The client's products included a powerful but complex suite of scientific/engineering software applications used by customers throughout the world. Their technology revolutionized their customer's business but the software's complexity required substantial user training to maximize its value to their customers.


Due to the amount of training required, training represented a significant part of the client's operations. The goal was to maximize the value of the client's training operations. Our challenge was to give the client appropriate tools to effectively manage its training operations as a revenue stream. Maintain communication and manage the product education of tens of thousands of product end-users globally. Market the value of training and coordinate enrollment, class resources, instructors, facilities and equipment for over 50 different education offerings.


ADC consultants reviewed existing processes and practices, consolidated customer and training resource information, and developed new practices and a system to coordinate, organize and measure the effectiveness of training operations. The new processes and supporting software application combined to more efficiently manage the client's multi-million dollar training services business. It coordinated scheduling world-wide, generating billing and managing the certification program for over 5,000 customers each year.


The resources required to administer training operations was reduced by over 50%. Readily available information about resources, customers and new product introduction combined with automated communication capabilities to allow the client to market special promotional offerings targeted directly to its customers. For the first time, training class participation, participant feedback, resource utilization, and billing were reconciled in an automated system. The service level provided to the client's customers improved while overall operational cost was reduced.