Sales Management: Strategic Account Planning


Client offering oil field equipment, services and supplies to customers world-wide has an international sales force based in locations in 70 different countries. With such a dispersed sales force there was no standard process or centralized system of record used for managing customer contacts or coordinating the master planning needed to manage the firms largest, most strategic accounts.


Provide the client with a more effective business process and centralized method of managing customer account information. Additionally, provide the sales force with a secure, centrally managed collaboration tool to share information, easily identify and develop new market opportunities, and to prepare and distribute information relevant to strategic account planning across all business units and company locations.


ADC consultants developed an enterprise-class software application to centralize customer account information company-wide. Every business transaction is fed into the new system along with customer profiles from the sales reps. The information is used by each of the business units to manage customer specific data, identify new market opportunities and develop strategic goals that are in line with the direction of the company. Competitor information can also be managed via the new system allowing the client to better analyze their current market position. Summary level reports containing a consolidated profile for each account is readily available in the tool providing a quick glance into the client's active relationship with each customer.


The client was able to automate and replace the multiple processes used throughout the company for strategic account management with one global solution. The new system is now used by every business group allowing each sales location to share account information and collaborate to develop a more effective sales strategy for each customer. With the availability of this extensive data, account managers now have a more powerful information sharing device used for account planning, sales forecasting, and opportunity management.