$300 Million Mail Room: Process Improvement and Bar Coding


The average mail room operation in a typical company follows common and well established practices. Clerks sort and deliver incoming and outgoing mail . . . a simple process. In this project, the mail room handled envelopes and packages that contained or controlled the flow of over $300 million among dozens of financial institutions.


Create a system of checks and balances to control mailroom operations accounting for every item in every step of processing from the point it is received until it is processed. The system also needed to provide a method of determining each item's financial value and type of financial transaction, interface with the appropriate financial institutions to report status, and make certain funds available electronically prior their actual receipt at the receiving institution.


ADC consultants evaluated and re-engineered existing processes to fully utilize modern bar-coding technology. A software solution was then developed to control workflow, provide reporting and audit trail information, reconcile discrepancies, and initiate financial transactions between the appropriate banking institutions taking part in each transaction.


The solution was delivered on time and within the planned budget. After training of personnel on the new processes, the implementation went flawlessly. The time to process items was dramatically reduced and statistical reports provided up-to-date status each item processed through the system. The processing capacity of the existing staff was dramatically improved.