Non-Profit: Program Management and Collaboration Tool


A national charitable organization had offices in over fifty locations each administrating their own programs. Little or no collaboration between locations in regard to program management had ever taken place resulting in various locations unable to learn from the mistakes of their peers. A network infrastructure had recently been installed connecting all of the locations as a single network. The new network now gave the organization the ability to access more strategic information to enhance their planning processes.


Create a mechanism for locations to share information about their programs. Since it could often take months to identify a program that didn't work, the organization's goal was to establish metrics to evaluate the efficiency of each program type, consolidate financial information sourced from over 15 different accounting packages at 50 locations, and quickly convey this information to program managers.


ADC consultants developed a central repository for program information, compiled a common chart of accounts and built a mechanism to manage key performance indicators for each program type.


The central repository enabled the organization to better utilze funds and service constituents. Program managers at each location are now able to benefit from like experiences at other locations. Central management has benchmarks and visibility to the effectiveness of each program at each location allowing them to promote successful programs and withdraw from ineffective ones. Program and location specific financials are now automatically aggregated by the national headquarters.