Manufacturing: Global Production Planning Software Solution


A manufacturing client gathers information about the forecast demand for its products from various sources around the world. Based on this information, the client makes decisions as to which models in each of dozens of product line to produce, level of resource commitment to new product introductions, volume to manufacture, and manufacturing location, among other decisions. Each decision potentially has a multi-billion dollar impact to the company.


The client needed a method to aggregate and interpret the demand information gathered for each product line by worldwide region. To support critical decision making, a mechanism to provide timely access to company information such as factory capacity, lag and lead statistics, and inventories also needed to be developed. In addition, a modeling environment to assist the client's production planning team to interpret available data, develop different scenarios, and produce a profit maximizing factory build plan was needed. The decisions made by the client planning group annually directed $10 billion of manufacturing globally.


ADC worked with client production planners, IT staff and providers of demand information to design and implement a software solution.


ADC's solution was delivered on budget and on time. The application dramatically reduced the amount of time and effort needed to produce the required monthly build plans. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the solution was the ability to model new build plans and benchmark against previous results. This improved the team's planning ability and their ability to predict the right product mix to meet future demand.