Explaining Employee Compensation: Sales Incentive Statements


Following a large merger, the client's entire sales team was migrated to a single compensation system. Valuable sales time was lost as sales reps sought to understand the new sales plans and incentive calculation methodology used by the replacement system.


The challenges of this initiative were four fold:
1) Provide each member of the client's 3000+ member sales force with a secure method of viewing their compensation information.
2) Condense each individual's detailed earnings information from multiple systems into a single page summary view.
3) Provide both "Year to Date" and "New This Period" totals for each metric and contributing factor making up total compensation.
4) Provide access to bonuses, draw payments, draw recovery, and plan adjustment information in the new summary view.


Utilizing the client's secure intranet, ADC designed and built an application that provides the sales force access to all the information about their incentive payments. A higher level of secure access enables Sales Managers to monitor and coach their sales teams.


A complete explanation of compensation amounts, readily available supporting information, and secure timely access combined to dramatically improve morale of newly merged sales force. The level of employee confidence in the compensation calculations was raised by providing timely access to supporting information. By providing a single, consolidated, high level view of earnings data, sales team members can now quickly and easily understand their monthly compensation and how their sales activities directly tie to their rewards. The application also serves as a valuable tool, reducing the amount of time the Sales Comp Operations team spends explaining compensation to the field.