Intellectual Property: Royalty Fee Management


Client had tens of thousands of different products, each potentially including third party components that required a royalty payment to the supplying vendor. The royalty amount due for each component varied by the effective dates of individual contracts with each vendor. As the products were produced and distributed at more and more production and distribution locations world-wide, managing and accurately reporting on the component royalty associated with each finished product had become a complex and time consuming activity.


Reduce the overall manpower required to manage the royalty data for each product and improve the overall accuracy of the information reported and loaded into financial systems.


ADC created a royalty control process in less than 4 weeks enabling corporate finance to centrally manage a master list of parts, associated royalty cost effective dates, and a distribution mechanism to automatically adjust and manage royalty across all sites. Master level royalty cost changes are now automatically reflected throughout the company.


Complete and accurate royalty cost data is now available for third party vendor products. The time and effort previously used to maintain royalty costs has been dramatically reduced. Corporate finance is now able to spend more time on analysis and less on data entry.