Business Intelligence: Supporting FERC Rate Filings


The rate an interstate pipeline company can charge its customers is highly regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The company had always used detailed cost and utilization data to support its customer rate calculations.


The cost and utilization data for each segment of the company's pipeline operation was stored in multiple systems across the company. Historically, this information had been used in the past to justify customer rates through manual aggregation and calculation, due to mergers and acquisitions, pipeline assets had changed considerably. A new method was needed to rapidly gather the needed data, perform the appropriate calculations, and provide timely reporting to support transmission rates.


ADC consultants developed a centralized data repository to load and pool data from each segment of the company and calculate overall transmission rates from beginning to end based on the appropriate rates for each transmission segment. The project was completed in just under 2 months.


The client was able to recalculate rates charged to its customers to increase profits and to accurately provide supporting information to justify the changes.