Fuzzy Incentives: Subjective Sales Performance Management


As part of a client's compensation program for its sales staff, various subjective criteria were used to evaluate the performance of each sales representative. This compensation program was used to measure each individuals overall performance with respect to the strategic goals of their sales management team.


The previous method of tracking these sales goals was to distribute hundreds of blank Excel spreadsheet templates to each sales manager, who in turn completed one template for each employee. This process was becoming increasingly difficult to manage, time consuming, and had no security model or version control associated.


In just 4 weeks, ADC consultants designed and implemented a secure, web-based application used by the client's sales force to acknowledge, submit, and approve sales objectives and attainment. The solution used the client's sales organizational structure to control access, management, and reporting on resulting information.


The client's sales force is now able to manage subjective sales performance data more effectively with a minimal need of support resources. All data is stored in a secure centralized location where updates/approvals are logged and goal attainments are systematically fed to downstream compensation systems. The amount of time and resources required to manage this quarterly process was reduced by over 75%.