Product Catalog: Automated Content Preparation


As a distributor for many other companies' products, the client found it difficult to create and maintain a standard product catalog for its customers since product offerings were continuously changing and data seldom provided in like format from different suppliers. The formatting differences resulted in a significant lag between the receipt of new products and their introduction in the catalog.


A client had committed to delivering a new web-based catalog to a customer in a short time frame. A uniform set of product descriptions and images needed to be compiled from product images provided by dozens of different sources in various image types, sizes, and shapes. The client did not have the internal resources to complete the project in the agreed upon timeframe.


ADC rapidly developed an application that allowed marketing department users to manage tens of thousands of product images, automatically converting each image to a uniform size, aspect ratio and image type.


The client met its customer's deadline for initial deployment of the new web-based catalog and continues to process and publish thousands of images daily.