Managing a Dynamic Sales Structure


After several large mergers in less than five years, a client's personnel and sales operations support systems were spread across many different platforms. There was no single system that managed the organizational structure of the sales force as organizational structures were consolidated.


A large, newly organized sales force made up of consolidated sales teams from many different companies needed a central place to view the sales organizational structure. This information was stored in various legacy systems and changes to the organization took a prohibitive length of time to flow through the upstream systems. Management needed a way to rapidly make organizational changes as necessary, communicate those changes to the field, and still support the down stream systems that were reliant on the organizational information.


ADC consultants designed and implemented a web-based interface used by management and support staff to maintain the sales force hierarchy. Users can add new employees, transfer existing employees to a new manager, or completely remove employees from the hierarchy. New employees can be entered directly into the system, temporarily bypassing the need to wait for data entry and processing by upstream HR systems. The sales force now has a central place to view the official sales organizational hierarchy. The data from the system also serves as the source for multiple types of sales-related reporting.


Sales organizational changes are now instantaneously reflected on the corporate intranet and all connected systems. The system added order to the organization eliminating lags between decisions and announcement of organizational changes, and reducing duplicate data entry.