Sales Account Management


Companies with a very large customer base typically rely on a combination of external data services and internal information to source their customer information. As their customer companies merge, split, are acquired, or cease doing business, the information provided by external services needs to be coordinated with customer information sourced within the company.


Changes in externally sourced customer information combined with changes in internal account structures and customer assignments made determining the appropriate sales contact for each of over 40+ million customers a monumental task. The client needed a method to easily identify all relationships within a specific account (i.e., parent company, subsidiaries, etc.), as well as the individual responsible for that account.


ADC created a portal to allow any of over 100,000 employees to search Dunn & Bradstreet and sales assignment data, apply various customer and organizational specific rules and to identify and return the appropriate sales contact(s) for any customer account.


The portal created a single source point within the company allowing employees to rapidly find the appropriate sales contact information for any customer. Initial use by sales support personnel has expanded to the general employee population. The client was able to maintain up-to-date information on all customers and better manage customer relationships.