Strategic Account Management:
Aligning Customers with Your Sales Organization


A large multi-national company was reorganizing; drastically changing its business structure which resulted in reassigning 15,000 + strategic accounts to new business units.


The accounts not only needed to be reassigned, but challenges to assignment or "ownership" among the new business units needed to be rapidly resolved to ensure proper account service and accurate alignment of financial reporting.


ADC consultants created a web based collaboration tool that allowed business unit managers to:
1) Review assigned accounts
2) Trade accounts among units
3) Assign new accounts to appropriate business units
4) Reconcile and update account alignment for financial reporting purposes


The web-based tool created stronger communication among business unit managers and ensured that proper protocol was followed in reassigning strategic accounts. All accounts were properly assigned and revenue was correctly allocated and recognized within the appropriate business unit. Unit managers gained better insight to the value of individual accounts.