Long Range Information System Planning


As a result of a significant donation, a non-profit organization was in the midst of implementing dramatic organizational changes as well as a move to a new facility with greatly expanded capabilities.


The scale of future operations at the organization would be far larger than any in the past. A long term plan was needed to ensure the appropriate systems, IT infrastructure and resources were available to support the dramatic changes in the organization.


ADC consultants were engaged to lay out a strategic Long Range Information System Plan (LRISP) to assist the organization over the next five years with their IT procurement. The plan served as a guide for budgeting and planning the acquisition of IT goods and services during the most dynamic period in the organization's history.


The organization was able to coordinate its Information Technology needs with its overall budget and operational plans to move into its new facility. The plan assisted the client in both scoping its IT needs and ensuring that donated funds were expended wisely during their move.