Customer Information Management Solutions


The country's largest non-profit musical theater production company was building a new world-class facility. The period between raising its old facility and the completion of its new home left the organization without a permanent location and, consequently, without direct contact with its patrons. It was vital to maintain its relationship with its patrons during this transitionary time.


Patron information was stored in many formats in various spreadsheets, paper files, external data sources, and an outdated data management application. This made any type of coordinated communication with patrons highly expensive and time consuming.


ADC consultants assembled and cleaned data from automated ticketing services, theater donation records, and various manual sources and merged them into a single patron data management system. This assisted the theater company in identifying the needs and interests of its individual patrons as well as provided a central location to manage customer contact information for customer communications.


The theater company operated in various "borrowed" venues for over two years until its new facility was completed. Excellent work by client staff with support of the patron data management system and ADC consultants successfully retained more than 90% of the patron base and kept them informed of changes through targeted and more frequent communication.