The Quick ROI approach is an accelerated process that combines all aspects of a project into three distinct phases.

A brief phase establishing a high level scope, identifying high values points, plus risks and strategies for minimizing them. We review the business and technical aspects with your team and plan how best to apply ADC tools and methods. Finally, ADC reviews the joint findings, applies the screening process, and makes a GO/No-GO recommendation on whether the project objectives can be met through the use of Quick ROI.

This is where the lion's share of the project work is completed and where the Quick ROI approach differs most significantly. Execution is a combination of analysis, design, prototyping, development and testing. Most of these activities are performed in parallel. Our approach relies heavily on the use of verbal communication with client business and technical teams, active prototyping, iterative design and rapid development using our predefined architectures to achieve success in 90 days or less.

Active Support
The project doesn't end when your flip the switch to turn on your new solution; neither does ADC's involvement. Active support involves monitoring the solution after it is in production, making changes for fine tuning and standing by you as part of your team to verify and validate the results. Most changes required at this point can often be rapidly accommodated.