i4castT is a leading Total Cost Management solution focused on delivering real-time, accurate cost for the enterprise-wide financial supply chain.  i4castT has developed an Internet-based Total Cost Management solution encompassing global cost & profitability modeling, contract & commodity cost management and supplier performance, development and collaboration.  i4castT decision support tools allow clients to have the very best costing information to build and manage greater product profitability, reduce cost of goods sold, enhance costing collaboration and improve time to market capabilities.
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world's leading not-for-profit project management professional association, with over 100,000 members worldwide. Currently, PMI supports members in 125 countries worldwide. PMI members are individuals practicing and studying project management in many different industry areas, including aerospace, automotive, business management, construction, engineering, financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.
Founded in 1976, PDMA is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization. PDMA's mission is to improve the effectiveness of people engaged in developing and managing new products - both new manufactured goods and new services. This mission includes facilitating the generation of new information, helping convert this information into knowledge which is in a usable format, and making this new knowledge broadly available to those who might benefit from it.
Focused Management Inc. (FMI) is one of the pioneers in activity based costing and performance measurement training, facilitation and consulting.  Staffed by a group of specialists, its primary interests lie in helping clients develop cost management and performance measurement solutions, in order to drive productivity.  Focused Management was founded in 1988, at a time when ABC was in its infancy.  Working with the leading academics, Focused Management developed practical implementation approaches that have consequently been applied in hundreds of organizations
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